welcome to the william bee website

william bee was born in london, but now lives
in the english countryside. as well as writing
children's books, he races a vintage sports
car, is an international skier, and when at home
tends his lawns and meadow

william bee loves ...
saturdays, the colour green, tabby cats, the Queen
rolls royces, fruit scones, david niven, staying home

william bee loves ...
buttercups, giraffes, pencils, hot baths
magazines, cooper black, garden birds, and the union jack

william bee loves ...
dashboards, apple trees, michael caine, number threes
woody allen, steam trains, lego, and supersonic planes

william bee loves ...
victorians, garden snails, winston churchill, big blue whales
sid james, cop kapers, dust jackets, end papers

william bee loves ...
tape measures, bugs bunny, 1978, english money
umbrellas, princess anne, helicopters, and tiptree jam

william bee loves ...
dads army, t.e. lawrence, windmills, dougal and florence
traction engines, charing cross road, roast potatoes, mr. toad

william bee loves ...
st. pancras, fountain pens, racing cars, bill and ben
tea cosies, butterflies, lower case, morcombe and wise

william bee loves ...
fred dibnah, hattie jacques, fluffy pillows, home made cakes
london buses, knights of old, dick bruna, gill sans bold

the end

with thanks and apologies to:
e.h. shepard for mr. toad
serge danot for dougal and florence
warner brothers inc. for bugs bunny
and dick bruna for miffy and friends